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Olympian Helping Women Step Into Their Power

As a busy, professional woman:

  • Is your life filled with challenges that are so overwhelming that there doesn’t seem any way out?
  • You Are you struggling with Fear and limiting beliefs?
  • Do you have big dreams and goals but you’re frustrated trying to make progress to reach them?
  • Are you saying to yourself:
    • “I don’t like how I look or feel.”
    • I am at the bottom of the list.”
    • “I am drowning.”
    • “I feel lost.”

After working with Esmie Women will say:

  • I have Clarity of Purpose
  • I Am Disciplined
  • I found my Inner Champion
  • I have Stepped Into My Power
  • I Know How To Manage Fear
  • I Know How to Manage the Dreamer / Thinker / Doer and Fantasy Zone
  • I Have The Tools To Go After My Goals
Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

A post-Olympic career as a health professional provided the laboratory for Esmie to crush limiting beliefs.  She worked on her confidence, step into her power, and now teaches and shares enhancing programs to women to reach their potential.

It’s Time To Step Into Your Power





You Are Worthy


10 ways to be Disciplined

Time management

Get things done

What is Sprinting To Success Elite Coaching?
Who is Sprinting To Success Elite Coaching For?

Helping women Step Into Their power:
Life is full of challenges but this program will help you build the determination needed to go after your goals.
Esmie will Coach you like an Elite athlete
Being an Olympian means driving your mind and body to their limits in the way most people never dream! It’s a singular focus. It’s what drives you to punish yourself mercilessly in the pursuit of your dream. Esmie will hold you accountable to do what you say you will do.
Champion mindset
Doing what it takes to prepare to succeed at your goals.
Do what it takes to manage challenges in your life.
This course is not for everyone. This VIP course is for women working in high-stress professions and women CEO's. You might :
  • Juggling multiple roles
  • Feel Overwhelmed
  • Feel Unworthy
  • Feel Unappreciated
  • Feeling Stuck
Can’t believe how life turned out for you
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Are you willing to let fear keep you from reaching your goals?

Push past fear or stand behind fear, which choice are you prepared to live with?

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“Esmie is a two-time Olympian, mother of three amazing children, author and coach. It doesn’t matter what role she’s in…Esmie sets the bar high and is willing to do the work to get what she wants. She’s a giver, a kind soul and a trusted friend.”

Gisele Kreuger

“I remember Esmie to be a conscience athlete: a quiet individual who was able to compete with distinction. Esmie was a member of Canada’s international track team during an era that our country proved it could compete distinctly on the international stage but it’s successes were mixed with numerous growing pains and conflict. Esmie stood above the turmoil of the time and she was a positive contributor In the development of our country’s track and field image.”

Gerry Swan

“The first thing I noticed about Esmie was her spirit. She is warm energetic and passionate enthusiastic and inspiring. It took me about 30 seconds to realize that this woman is special and is going to make a positive impact on my life. Her life experiences have helped her find passion to help women manage stress. She is on a mission to inspire and empower women to turn stress into strength through her coaching and public speaking. She is an incredible woman with a heart of gold who is going to make a majorly positive impact for women around the world.”

Jessica Smith

“I remember the time when I was having a lot of problems in life and dealt with a lot of stress. Esmie inspired me to stand up and helped me to become a much more positive person compared to what I am before.”

Jherom Milo

“Esmie Lawrence is a phenomenal coach. She is kind and a great listener. She is able with what she has of wisdom and knowledge to take you on a transformative journey to live the life you deserve and desire. I highly recommend Success Coach Esmie Lawrence.”

Jacqueline Tabrizi

“Do you have any idea what it takes to step into your power, overcome challenges and become an Olympic athlete? No, me either… but Esmie Lawrence does! In this instant classic, Esmie shares what it actually takes to live life at the HIGHEST level and achieve what most can only dream of. If you want to transform your life, this is a MUST read!”

Steve Olsher

Set Your Goals
Take A Challenge
Reward Yourself

If a top-rated athlete needs a coach to get them to the Olympics, it makes sense that all of us need a coach to help us get where we’re trying to go in life! Why not have the best if you’re looking for a coach and that’s Esmie Lawrence!

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