Esmie Lawrence

My Story
You may not know this. I am a Canadian Olympian Runner.
I met the Queen of England and Lady Diana.
I travelled the World. But people didn’t know that I battled with LIMITING BELIEFS.  I was the “Not Girl”: Not good enough, Not pretty enough, Not Smart enough.
We all – have – problems. 
But here is the good news. I changed my mindset. I put God first. I started to believe in myself. I know that I must go through CHALLENGES, FAILURES and PRESSURE to come out like a Diamond. I accepted a Champion Mindset. Now I am a Speaker, Podcaster, International Best Selling Author, and Life Coach. I tell you this because I know YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.  Less Brown said, “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” 
stressed out, afraid, unloving towards self, too busy, overwhelmed, feeling unworthy and unhappy.  “It’s not the falling down that counts. It’s the getting up.”— Mary Pickford.


TAKE IT FROM AN OLYMPIAN… It’s all about how you manage your mind-set that determines how you cross the finish line! – Esmie Lawrence


I believe that God must be first in my life so he can guide me to make the right decisions.
Honesty is valued in my life because telling the truth shows me that I respect myself and others. Also, I do not have to worry about remembering what I said, and people who know me will trust that I will tell them the truth. I believe the purpose of my life is to serve others, especially women. Having a purpose in my life will keep me going when challenges come into my life. I try not to hold others to a higher standard than I hold myself because no one is perfect. I believe in reflecting on my behaviours so that I can learn, grow and become the person that God intended me to be on this earth. It’s okay to make mistakes because waiting for perfection will crush my goals and dreams. I am a lifelong learner because I love to learn new things and put the things I know into practice.

Why Esmie Loves Working With Women

Women are heads of households, raise children, husband, extended family, work, and juggle everything in their life. Their cup is empty, and they are exhausted.

They have challenges in their lives. They feel rundown, lack confidence, existing only, feeling lost and unappreciated. Women do not live the life that God intended them to live. They are not living up to their infinite possibilities.

They need to be empowered because women are the glue that keeps the family together. They care for everyone but themselves. They sometimes feel rundown, lack confidence, feel unworthy, unappreciated.

Esmie Lawrence running 1988 Olympics
Photo Credit: COC-F.S. Grant/The Canadian Press

Esmie Helps Women

Esmie wants to make an impact on women. Tell them that they are worthy. No matter what the struggle is, they will get through it.
Esmie wants women to have Clarity of Purpose, have a Champion Mindset, be Disciplined, find the Inner Champion, go after their dreams, believe in themselves and transform their lives.

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