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After you finish working with Esmie you will say:

I have Clarity of Purpose

I Am Disciplined

I found my Inner Champion

I have Stepped Into My Power

I Know How To Manage Fear

I Know How to Manage the Dreamer / Thinker / Doer and Fantasy Zone

I Have The Tools To Go After My Goals

Is your life filled with challenges that are so overwhelming that there doesn’t seem any way out?
Are you struggling with fear and limiting beliefs?
Do you have big dreams and goals but you’re frustrated trying to make progress to reach them?
Are you saying to yourself:
Who is this program for?

This course is not for everyone. This VIP course is for women working in high-stress professions, women CEO’s or women working at home.
You might think: “I can’t believe how life turned out for me.”

“I don’t like how I look or feel.”
“I am at the bottom of the list.”
“I am drowning.”
“I feel lost.”
“I feel unworthy”

Then Yes, this program is for you.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

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Module 1: The Right Mindset
OUTCOME: You will have the tools to continue to work on your mindset regardless of the stage in business or life.
Module 2: Reality Check: How Are You Now?
OUTCOME: Clarify where you are now.
Module 3: Who Influenced you Questionnaire
OUTCOME: Know the role people play in shaping your attitudes, behaviours, decisions and perspectives. And understand if reshaping is required.
Module 4: Personal Assessment: Get to know yourself
OUTCOME: Get To Know Your Self, a Journey of Self Discovery
Modules 5: What is your vision for yourself
OUTCOME: a completed vision board with pictures of goals that you wish to work toward.
THERE ARE 10 MODULES TOTAL.  To Learn More  About the other Modules Contact Coach Esmie.