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“I love how she gave her personal life examples to help others come into their own and embrace doing new things to change their life. Very inspiring!” – Testimonial from Tatyana on Audible

Book: How To Embrace Challenges: Step Into Your Power

“In this heartwarming and inspirational book, the author shows you how you can conquer stress, crush your fears, embrace challenges, increase your self-discipline and decrease busyness. Most importantly, she demonstrates through sharing her own personal experiences how to forgive and how to be happy. This book is a must-read for anyone who feels like their life is on the wrong track and is ready to not only chase down their dreams but run them down. Highly recommended!” – Testimonial from Jen on Amazon

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Stop living a mediocre life and stand into your purpose:

  • Determine how stressed you are
  • Don’t worry about what people think about you
  • Start on a journey to transform your life
  • Live in the Doer Zone
  • Understand that you are worthy

How To Embrace Challenges: Step Into Your Power book will inspire you to see things differently, learn from Esmie’s struggles, guilt and victories and how she transformed her life.