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Allison Shuttleworth: Nursing Burnout to Bliss

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In this episode, Esmie and Allison discuss:

  • What burnout is and how it affects you.
  • The importance of taking care of yourself to prevent burnout.
  • Stress response in relation to the gut and how microorganisms help your body.
  • Occupational violence in the emergency room.
  • Codependency in the nursing field.

Key Takeaways:

  • About 1/20 highly engaged professionals experience burnout.
  • Changing what you drink can benefit your body.
  • Noise level over 70 decibels triggers the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Our anxiety increases exponentially with our increased use of technology.
  • You are inherently valuable just as you are.
Esmie Lawrence empowers women, former olympian

Stress is contagious. “There’s a contagious sort of element to our stress. Without us even realizing it, we are realizing the hormones to our coworkers and patients, that is letting them know we’re stressed, even if we’re not registering it at a conscious level ourselves.” Allison Shuttleworth

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Show Notes by Podcastologist/Show Producer: Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie

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  1. Suzanne

    Thank you both for this! I really enjoyed hearing this informative and healthful conversation! Well done!

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