In this Episode, Esmie and Bruce Discuss:

  • Challenges Bruce face as a child. (Living in the inner city, single-parent home, an environment with violence and addiction and people burning down their property for insurance money)
  • The risky adventures children take part in. (playing in abandoned buildings, stealing
  • The time when Bruce joined a gang as a teen, started a riot, set classes on fire, got into fights and being the class clown
  • Bruce’s journey of becoming religious and baptizing himself in the shower. (He became a five percenter, avoided drinking, smoking and other bad influences
  • How Bruce became a well-known poet? (His journey starting with rap to staring on HBO, being quite versed with quotes and starting a movement)
  • How Bruce avoids stress with prayer, meditation, forgetting fear and acceptance.

Key Takeaways

  • African Americans and people with a background from the inner city usually work very hard to live a clean and successful life.
  • Be the best in whatever task you take on, share the journey with others and watch yourself rise to the top of your industry.
  • What you fear is usually attracted into your life, do not entertain fear in your life.
  • Everything that happens in life is for a reason. Accept your path and make the most out of it.
    Short Bio:
    Bruce George, Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam on HBO.

“I don’t do fear I do faith.”– Bruce George

“This is a time for you to be reflective. This is the time for you to have faith and not fear. This is a time for you to be still. So you can work towards reinventing yourself.” – Bruce George

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Show notes by Esmie Lawrence.  Audio production by Brian Calkins Podcast Mechanic