In the Episode Esmie, Ruth and Robert Verbree discuss:

Challenges that Ruth faced. (Body image, stress and helping Robert through tough times)
Challenges Robert faced (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, being shy, not being good at sports, thoughts of suicide, depression)
Challenges with their baby’s health and moving often.
How Ruth overcame issues with body image. (Loving words from her father, a Wellness business inspired by her issues with body image and the passion she shares with her husband to help people from all around the world become mentally fit)
The challenges of being a policeman/woman. (Family members believing they should be exempt from getting tickets or being stopped and that people don’t expect police officers to make mistakes)
Their Journey of being authors, entrepreneurs and speakers (Network marketing, retiring, overcoming dark times, partnering with their Psychologist to form an online program, sharing the stage with Les Brown and many other impactful speakers)
A look into Ruth and Robert’s online program, Renewed Mind. (A guide to becoming mentally fit, the heavily discounted price that Emsie’s listeners get for the course)
Key Takeaways:

The best way to deal with your struggles is to take them head-on and help others do the same.
Police officers do their best to do right but remember they are humans too and not perfect.
Stability is important to a child’s happiness and wellbeing.
When life beats you up, have hope. Keep looking for happiness until you find it.
You have to be mentally fit in order to take on the challenges of life and succeed.

Bio: Ruth & Robert are international bestselling authors and speakers and are passionate about mental wellness. Ruth is a Wellness Coach, has her own Youtube Channel, and they have developed a program called “The Renewed Mind,” where you will learn tips and strategies to manage your stress before it manages you.
“Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will never hurt you. Well, that’s not true. Sticks and stones can break your bones and names do go deep. They hurt you deeply.”- Ruth Verbree

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Show notes by Esmie Lawrence.  Audio production by Brian Calkins Podcast Mechanic

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