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Belkis Clarke-Mitcham: Living with Purpose

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In this episode, Esmie and Belkis discuss:

  • Lessons Belkis learned in moving from a sexual abuse victim to the strong woman that she is today.
  • Finding empowerment with who you are.
  • Decreasing stress at home and in your professional life.
  • Struggles that Belkis is currently fighting and how she is coping with those struggles.

Key Takeaways:

  • God will never give up on you.
  • Transformation is a journey, not an overnight change.
  • We all have purpose, no matter the circumstances in which we were brought forth.
  • What you have been through cannot destroy what it did not create. It did not create the truth of who you are, the value of who you are.

“Your purpose is nothing like my purpose, but we all have a purpose. Some people’s purpose is a big splash, and some people’s purpose is a deep ripple – you don’t really see much disturbance, but it is there.”— Belkis Clarke-Mitcham

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