In this episode Esmie talks and Abby discuss:

  • How she discovered Energy Healing 
  • Energy Healing has cleared out many anxieties for her
  • Heal herself through Energy Healing
  • Removing self-doubt using Energy Healing
  • She helps entrepreneur remove energy blocks regarding career, confidence, resistance, and money

Key takeaway:

  • Abby will help you drain negative blocks so you can own your expert status
  • Remove your money ceiling, so you make more money
  • Remove resistance and success blocks using Energy Healing
  • You can free yourself from the cultural trap
  • Face your fears, figure out what it’s trying to tell you, and deal with it




Abby’s Bio

Abby Rohrer is a Master Healer, Karma and Anxiety Expert with her own healing technology, and a Spiritual Business Guide. She helps entrepreneurs to clear their money karma and secret success blocks so they can feel fully confident, close more sales, make more money, and level-up their businesses with ease.


  Quote of the day: “Up to eighty percent of what we think are mindset problems or believes or anxiety from our heads are really coming from the body, and if we pay attention to that we will notice that our fear has a place where it lives in the body.” – Abby Rohrer

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