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In this episode, Esmie and Doug discuss:

      • His parents divorced when he was young, and his mom struggled to raise two sons
      • Failed relationships, and the heartache of divorce
      • The bond he has with his brother and the agreement he had with his brother that nobody respected, except for him and his brother.
      • The challenges of family expectations because he moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles
      • In the last few years, he been through a failed marriage, the loss of his stepfather, and the loss of his brother that died from Cancer
      • He had a time in his life where anxiety really took a grip on him
      • Finding love again with the beautiful and talented JJ Flizanes

      Key takeaway:

      • Look for the lessons from your life journey because things happen for a reason, and that good is around us all the time.
      • You are going to get exactly what you think 
      • You can’t worry about what people think about you
      • Stop people-pleasing and stop making decisions based upon what you feel other people would want
      • Have a supportive partner 
      • Saw a Cognitive Behavioral therapist, who taught him the importance of meditation, the importance of breathing, the importance of and immersion therapy
      • Schedule time for yourself

Doug Sandler overcame fears of a career reinvention, failed marriage and major move to the west coast to thrive in industry he loved but knew nothing about. His struggle to Triumph story is a great inspiration for all.

Doug Sandler on Sprinting To Success Podcast

Struggle to Triumph

So from a support perspective, from a counseling perspective, I would say that that has been hugely beneficial to me. Plus having a partner that really understands the importance of self development as well, to go through life unconscious just doesn’t make sense. If you’re aware of who you are, what you do, and the actions that you have affect other people, and affect how you are, then if you have that mentality that you understand that, you tend to go through life a little bit more consciously. And that’s what I wanted to do, I think I’ve woken up in the last couple of years especially and understand and that these wounds affect my life. I’m going to probably carry these wounds for the rest of my life, just the realization of that is sometimes enough to help get you through any obstacles or any situations that come into your life.

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