In this episode Esmie and Jackie discuss:

  • Jackie’s scuba diving accident and how she spent three days in critical condition and 6-weeks in recovery
  • Reflected on her life, and decided on a new path, helping others become confident and more successful
  • Work according to her Passion, teaching sales and business owners define their skill still to become the top 1% in their industry
  • People fear the sales experience because they have been through it before
  • The different ways people buy now
  • Selling is Emotional; based on scientific research
  • Her peers called her the rainmaker
  • The mistakes she made in becoming an expert seller
  • There are four different personality types, and we need to sell to each of them differently: millennials, boomers, men, women

Key takeaways:

  • We all have two tapes; I am not good enough, and I don’t belong.
  • Modern selling is building trust, credibility, authenticity, and authority with your clients.
  • Every salesperson should create a personal brand on social media. Social media is everything these days
  • Identify your market and where they hang out, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram
  • Communicate and interact on social media by posting, doing videos, and build your brand. with them
  • The secret to success in social media and selling is not about selling, it about educating, providing and giving value
  • Write down stretch goals and write down why.
  • Dream big and visualize big 
  • Put your Family first
  • Push pass your fears
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Stay away from Basement people who will drag you down

Jackie Rainforth on Sprinting To Success Podcast with Esmie LawrenceJackie Rainforth

Jackie is a record-breaking, award- winning, Sales Expert. Nicknamed THE RAINMAKER by her peers. She is also the Author of the upcoming book: ‘THE BAD ASS GUIDE TO SUPERSTAR SELLING’. With a Corporate and Entrepreneurial sales background, her achievements include…. the coveted-nomination of the ‘RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada Award’.
Quote of the day: “There are so many ways that you can interact on social media these days, talk about your personal life a bit, hey, who are you? People get a feel, the more they see you they recognize you. They understand that your values and your level of Integrity matches there’s, they are going to trust you, and that’s what selling today is all about, it’s about building credibility and trust, and social media helps you do that.” – Jackie Rainforth

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