In this episode, Esmie and  Jacqueline discuss:

  • Born in Lebanon
  • How she got married at 16 years old to an abusive man and divorced at 20 years old
  • Being homeless, shame of divorce and feeling broken
  • Years of sabotaging herself
  • She did not understand herself
  • Laugh and smile to hide her feelings
  • Moved to the USA to find herself

Key takeaways:

  • Love yourself
  • You are good enough
  • Perfection is an illusion
  • Take responsibility for your self
  • You are unique
  • Believe is essential to magnetize what you want
  • Doubt is poison

Jacqueline Tabrizi

Jacqueline Tabrizi is a Spiritual Transformational Leader. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, as well as a Success Principles Trainer. Jacqueline is the creator and founder of the Codes Of Prosperity. Working the codes Of Prosperity have transformed Jacqueline and her life from the chaos, loneliness, limitations and fear status, into the intentional, powerful limitlessness creator of the life she desires. The relationship that she has with herself has taught her so much. Jacqueline has healed from past hurts, has found happiness in the present moment, and has tapped into a confidence that has exuded into all areas of her life. She has found her inner peace, compassion, love and especially her Codes Of Prosperity. The Journey never ends… Day after day, Jacqueline continues to be the magnet of the unlimited abundance of prosperity. Jacqueline believes for a fact that you too can attain unimmagined levels of happiness & success when, you acquire the right combination to unlock your Codes Of Prosperity.

“Perfection is an illusion. We are here just to live the life that we love to live.” ― Jacqueline Tabrizi

Quote of the Day:

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”― Suzy Kassem

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