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Kate LaBrosse: This Is Me, Bipolar-Free

Kate LaBrosse on Sprinting To Success Podcast with Esmie Lawrence

Kate LaBrosse had challenges in her life. As a young child, Kate was sexually abused by her stepdad. She suffered from nite terrors, anger issues and manifested lots of illnesses in her life. Kate was called “Crazy Kate.” She was suicidal. However, she overcame a mental health disorder and medication-free for over 10 years. She works in the natural food industry and is a mental health advocate. 

Kate LaBrosse on Sprinting To Success Podcast with Esmie Lawrence
Kate LaBrosse on Sprinting To Success podcast with Esmie Lawrence

Kate LaBrosse

Kate LaBrosse is a CBD industry leader, natural products expert, motivational speaker, and best-selling author of This Is Me, Bipolar-Free: Heal Your Mental Illness and Create Your Authentic Life. Kate’s passion is to inspire and educate others who are struggling with mental illness so that they can take their power back and fully heal.

“True healing is truly possible, and it starts by really taking your power back, questioning the status quo, being open to making some changes in your life, and looking into your own individual why is. that something that I feel is so important that if people can get to their own root causes of why these symptoms of mental health are in their lives that’s where the gold, that’s where they can really find true healing.” -Kate LaBrosse 

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