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In this episode, Esmie and Lani discuss:

-Raised as a traditional native Hawaiian person born and raised in Hawaii. She is multicultural and has Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese and English blood.

-Her dad was a master sergeant in the Army, which allowed her to travel in different European countries.  As an adult, she has extensively traveled throughout the world experiencing different cultures in pursuit of understanding both her life purpose and her kūleana – Hawaiian for lineal responsibility, honor and privilege.

-She attended the only school in the world dedicated to the education of native Hawaiian youth.

-As a child through young adulthood, she learned  laʻau lapaʻau or traditional healing with plants and minerals from her mother and elders. 

-Her high school counselor told her that she would not get into a top-notch college because she was not good enough.

-Hawaiian children sometimes grow up believing they are not smart enough, and never going to “make it to the top”.

-She has been a solopreneur/consultant for 30+ years. As a young consultant, her kupuna (elder) taught her to be humble. 


Key takeaways:

-It’s essential to practice  lōkahi, a Hawaiian value which means harmony and unity. Lōkahi is also a holistic wellness practice illustrating the interdependence between the spiritual world, nature and humanity, which is  necessary to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

-Her purpose is to be a catalyst for people to understand and actualize their kūleana, which includes living a life of service.

-Her elders encouraged her to navigate her life as a lōkahi practitioner, which includes listening to the guidance of your Creator, ancestors and  “inner voice” …understanding it is not necessary to seek “outside validation”  and to pursue your dreams and visions.

– You need to learn how to love yourself before you can even think about being of service to others. 

– You are the greatest mystery in the universe. Meaning you need to find out why you were born, your life purpose and kūleana, and how you can lead a life of service. 

-Find out who your ancestors are and what they did. Because when you do, you will have a better understanding of who you are and what you’re here to do.

Lani Kamauu Yamasaki is a social business development consultant and certified Health Coach. She empowers individuals, communities and organizations to recover from trauma and build resiliency. Clients include Fortune 200 companies. She is a Ford Fellow, Smithsonian Fellow and has received the Governor of Hawaiiʻs award for distinguished outreach.

Sprinting To Success Podcast

Sprinting To Success Podcast

Hawaiian culture is spiritually based. So when you understand that we are spiritually based, that our values and practices are based upon an interdependence with creator, with nature, then being a steward, this is what we’re here to be and to do.” -Lani Yamasaki:

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