Moving from community to community was a challenge for Lori growing up. Her family was poor, she went to an unsafe school environment, and her family lived in a conversion van. But Lori wanted more out of life and became an entrepreneur and earned two master’s degree.  Lori is now a full-time business owner and entrepreneur. She traveled the world and help her clients dig deeper into who they are so they can identify their passion and solve problem that the world needs solving. Contact Lori, the business doctor today.

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Sprinting To Success Podcast

Esmie Lawrence interviews Lori McNeil

Lori McNeil has successfully grown countless organizations organically, including her own International company that includes Legacy Builders, Media Secrets, and Driven Mastery; all brands that help Entrepreneurs build a true, long – lasting purpose. Lori has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX as well as 500 other media outlets per year and written multiple International Best -Selling books. She is an offcial speaker for the Think & Grow Rich Legacy World Tour and co-host of the National TV Talk Show, “The Business Doctor.” Lori Also recently received an award for Business Coach Professional of the Year.

“Fear is a nasty success killer.” -Lori McNeil


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