Overcoming Life’s Challenges 

By Esmie Lawrence

Overcoming Life's Challenges blog by Esmie LawrenceLife is full of uncertainties. There are some days that you’ll feel like you are on the top; there are days that you’ll feel like

everything in your life is falling apart, and that’s normal. We are all feeling this way, and sometimes it’s okay not to be okay.

Losing a loved one or a job, struggle with finances, problems with family, and suffering from diseases or other health issues.

These are a few of the challenges that each of us may be experiencing right now. It is a challenging time. How can we overcome it,

and how do we face it? 

1. Accept and Face your fears

Overcoming Life's Challenges blog by Esmie Lawrence page 2Learn how to drop the past and have a plan for the future. Don’t be afraid to move

forward and face what scares you the most because these are the things that will

make you smarter and stronger. Have faith in yourself and believe that everything is

possible if you dare to achieve it.

2. Have a Positive Outlook on life

Always look at the bigger picture. Once you start having a positive mindset and look at

things with hope and positivity, good things will follow. Don’t you ever give up because this is just a phase in your life? One day, you will

see the light, you will find joy, and you will be at peace with yourself. 

3. Remember That You Are Not Alone

Overcoming Life's Challenges blog by Esmie Lawrence We have our struggles and challenges in life. You are not alone in this fight. Don’t be afraid

to say what you feel. And when you feel like you need someone to talk to, don’t be ashamed

to ask for help. Speak up for yourself, learn to accept guidance and support from other


4. Be an Advocate and Help Others

Be an inspiration. If you’ve been through some hardships and struggles in life, please be an

advocate and share your wisdom and life experiences with others. Be a source of motivation or a guide for others to overcome the

challenges they are currently facing. Be a reminder that anyone can survive, and they can get through it.

And at the end of the day, don’t forget to give yourself credit. For only waking up today, for surviving the most challenging parts of your

journey and when you thought you couldn’t get through the pain anymore. You are wiser and braver than you think. Reward yourself

because you deserve it. You deserve all the kindness and happiness in this world.

Overcoming Life's Challenges blog by Esmie Lawrence Remember, your purpose in life is to become the person that you are truly meant to be.

You are here to live a life that has no regrets, a

life that you’ll be proud of. You are made to do things that will ignite your body, mind and

soul.  As Teresa Campos says, “All of these challenges that you’re facing and the fear that

you’re feeling are all going to be your courage and your 

strength that is going to take you to where you not only are where you are, you’re meant

here to go, but where you are going to feel the most joy in your  life.”

How do you or how did you overcome life’s challenges? 


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