In this episode, Esmie and Patricia discuss:

  • Her dad had undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder from the Second World War
  • Her dad called her stupid and she believed it, but by the time she was 40, she had her master’s degree
  • It’s taken her years to develop compassion for her dad
  • Chaotic family, poverty levels leaves generational wounds and these wounds are like being stabbed in the chest
  • Challenges with her daughter

Key takeaways:

  • Mantras, provide positive sayings that you’re supposed to say over and over to yourself. The wonder of discovering your internal world then allows you to be very targeted about your messages.
  • If you’re a parent or a caregiver or somebody who has a place of influence in another person’s life, please know that when you say you are tending to speak like God, you are because the you are, you are stupid, you are lazy, you are whatever, becomes the I am of the other person. My father’s you are stupid became my I am stupid which is totally not true.
  • She made a speaking industry accessible to aspiring speakers.

                                                                                                                                    Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan works with organizations interested in strengthening everyday resilience. Audiences describe Patricia’s message as fun, insightful, and up lifting. Her books focus on resiliency and stress management. She received Global TV’s Woman of Vision award and the Spirit of CAPS for her contribution to the Canadian speaking industry.          

“When we’re kids, we just need adults to support us to survive. If we grew up in a family where we were given messages whether that was through body language, whether that was absenteeism, whether that was verbal, sexual or physical abuse, it takes a long time to undo the messages and experiences of those unconscious messages. We take over the negative work for the people in our lives that were our caregivers. My dad probably said, “Shut up, you stupid females,” maybe twice a year, but then I would be saying it probably 50 times in my head a day. That takes some significant awareness and work to do.”  -Patricia Morgan


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Show notes by Esmie Lawrence

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