In this episode Esmie and Roanna discuss:

  • Her grandfather Percy Duncan was 80 years old when he set a record in the 100 meters.
  • Her grandfather helped many Canadian athletes get athletic scholarships in the States.
  • Her grandfather taught her how to be disciplined.
  • Roanna talks about her struggles and the lowest point in her life.
  • Key Takeaways:
  • The benefits of mapping out her life.
  • Importance of journaling.
  • Pay attention to the things that are going great.
  • Focus on the positive.
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“I started to map out relationships. How am I going to be a better person in my relationships with my family, in my relationships with my children, and with this partner that I figured I need to have in my life. Nobody necessarily wants to be alone, so it was a turning point for me to map out these areas, and really it was an amazing journey because each day I’d go and write, and I would have, you know, miniature goals for myself each day that all led to my ultimate goal of finding fitness, happiness, fulfilling relationships and a career.” -Roanna Wilson

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