Simple Ways to Stay Young

It’s a fact that your age adds up every year, and you can see the rapid changes on your face and body whether you like it or not, but

the thing is, it is your choice to stay young at heart and keep your soul happy, always.

Why not start today by following these simple ways to stay young, healthy, and have a happy lifestyle?

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  1.      Avoid unhealthy habits

Excessive alcohol drinking and smoking have many harmful consequences and will

put your body at high risk. It will weaken your immune system and will eventually

cause different diseases. So, you better quit it now while you still have time.

When I feel depressed, I tend to eat junk foods like cookies and ice cream late at

night. I say to you and myself. Stop eating unhealthy foods. Instead, eat meals that

will boost your energy and immune system. Drink the vitamins that your body needs and maintain a well-balanced diet.

  1.      Manage your physical health

Exercise regularly. Prioritize rest. Have a good sleeping environment and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Keep in

mind that this is also essential for your mental health. Participate in activities that make you feel alive and give you a sense of

fulfillment and enjoyment.

3.     Manage your stress

Make sure you are taking breaks at work and that you are getting enough rest. Do

some meditation. Having positive emotions can prolong your life and will make you

happier and healthier. Avoid toxic places and people and focus on improving your

welfare. Don’t worry about the past or the future.

4.     Make time for yourself and be connected to others

If something makes you feel genuinely happy, the kind of happiness that gives you a reason to live, that gives you hope, then do it.

Find yourself a new hobby, a new job if necessary, travel on your own. Give yourself a break. Socialize and connect with others to

boost your social wellbeing. Do not be afraid to say your thoughts and express what you feel.

   5. Believe, be proud and be kind to yourself

Take time each day to work on your physical, emotional, and mental health. Be kind

to yourself. Learn to say “NO.” Be yourself and do things you truly value. By merely

appreciating and accepting who you are, you are starting to choose happiness. It is

essential to do what’s best for you and what your heart truly desires. Remember, this

is your life. You know what’s right and what’s wrong for you. You must decide on


your own without seeking other people’s validation. It’s all about you. Be right here,

right now. Be proud of your own life—of the way you recover, of the way you made

mistakes and learned from them, of the way you’ve changed and turned out to be the

best version of you. It’s a great feeling once you finally know how to live your life; you

didn’t just give up because of the hardships, of all of the pain that you’ve

experienced, or because of your flaws. I want you to believe and be proud of yourself because you survived. Just like the way I did.

I talked about my guilt and shame in my book, How To Embrace Challenges: Step Into Your Power.” You only get this one life.

Please make the most out of it!

How do you stay young?


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